On Fire: Forma Table By Philip Nimmo

Los Angeles-based interior designer Philip Nimmo has created a partner company called Philip Nimmo Ironworks in order to make his iron fire screens and accessories available to a wider audience. The home accessories line aims to please: “We understand the need for customization and are continuously working with our clients on new design specifications, sizes, and shapes as required.”

Forma Table. Designed by Philip Nimmo of Philip Nimmo Ironworks.

Philip Nimmo Ironworks has two goals—executing the custom work perfectly and meeting delivery dates—both of which stress the importance of a designer’s vision. This makes sense, of course, given that Mr. Nimmo began as a designer himself. Best known for magnificent wrought iron fire screens embellished with “sea shells, antique glass, rock crystals, and rare metals,” Philip Nimmo Ironworks has broadened their collection to include fire tools, andirons, furniture, and lighting. The unique shapes of the iron translate beautifully into the new furniture pieces. Borrowing from tribalism, arts & crafts, and surrealism, Nimmo’s designs use cutouts in various repeating patterns—anything from expressionistic poppies (Punto Fire Screen) to ornate motherboards (Primo Fire Screen).


Primo Fire Screen. Designed by Philip Nimmo of Philip Nimmo Ironworks.


Punto Fire Screen. Designed by Philip Nimmo of Philip Nimmo Ironworks.

These cutouts, which allow fire to glow from behind the negative space, work equally well in his Forma Table. The matte black and gold leaf table base creates a play between inside and outside, and the use of contrasting finishes within and without allows for new patterns to emerge when the black and gold overlap. Given that the Forma Table is circular, this juxtaposition is evident from any angle, always spawning new figurations from the mixture of foreground and background. The top of the Forma Table is dark walnut, giving the piece a deep richness that tempers the playfulness of the base. Shown with a 31″ height and a 72″ diameter, The Forma Table is large enough for an intimate dinner party. However, you can order Forma in any size you wish. Besides matte black and gold leaf, the iron base can be finished in aged bronze, painted white gold, painted gold, painted antique gold, and painted antique silver. Premium finishes are also available: antique gold leaf, antique silver leaf, gold leaf, white gold leaf light, and white gold leaf medium. In gold and silver, the Forma Table makes a great statement in an elegant foyer. In black and bronze, it lends itself to more industrial interiors, where the shapes in the base can mimic exposed beams and pipes. Whatever the finish, size, or location, Forma Table is a tribute to fire—the elemental fire that forged its iron and the creative fire that inspired Philip Nimmo Ironworks.

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