Cosmic’s Compact: A Streamlined Bathroom

Bathrooms have become increasingly large over time and the scale of bathroom “furniture” has certainly taken to this trend. Large-scale, free-standing bathtubs necessitate large open areas, and “sculptural” bathroom pieces require similarly spacious settings. Although this is a the most desirable option when the space is available to you, there seem to be far fewer options when it’s not.

Compact Collection. Manufactured by Industrias Cosmic.

Compact, a bathroom furniture series by Industrias Cosmic, a European leader in top quality bathroom accessories and furniture, provides elegant solutions to the smallest of spaces, in various shapes and sizes. For locations where depth is an issue, Cosmic has developed narrow “Compact” configurations. By rotating the sink and reestablishing its dimensions, Cosmic created washbasins less than 8” in depth. Relocating the faucet to the side of the sink (rather than behind it) results in a long, linear form. Depending on your needs, Cosmic’s Compact is available as either a single or double wash-basin, and with either a lateral shelf beneath, remaining minimally intrusive within a space. More or less counter space, varying amounts of storage, a multitude of wash-basin dimensions and shapes: small comes in many shapes and varieties.




The Axor Urquiola Collection, Patricia Urquiola’s bath series for Hansgrohe, includes a washbasin with handles meant to serve as towel bars, adding another layer of functionality to a traditional piece. Cosmic seems to have been a step ahead. Compact has been available in a configuration with a built-in towel bar, directly beneath the sink rather than beside it and requiring far less space for installation and use. With either a shelf for storage or a built-in towel rack, the minimal pieces streamline the bathroom. The pedestal sink, previously the powder-room solution, is comparatively bulky and fails to address additional needs. Conversely, the Compact series brilliantly addresses function and storage in the most streamlined of forms. Built entirely of Bathstone, oolitic limestone comprising granular fragments of calcium carbonate, the crisp, white surfaces and clean lines of Compact provide a modern and unobtrusive aesthetic combined with durability and longevity. According to the company, “Cosmic´s bathroom culture instigates understanding the bathroom as additional reflection of each individual´s personality and their search for wellbeing through design.”

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