Configure Things Anew with the ODA ROOM

Though neither intrinsically and infinitely stowable like Casulo’s Life in a Box, nor exclusively youthful and whimsical a la Casa Kids’ Loft Beds, the ODA ROOM of flexible, portable dwelling units manages to strike a utilitarian balance between the two. A recent addition to an exponentially multiplying line-up of modular living concepts, the ODA ROOM impresses with its modern, clean lines; its palette of muted and/or vibrant color schemes; and its utilitarian penchant for accommodating the demands of oddly-shaped spaces.

ROOM. Designed by ODA Architecture.

Soho’s ODA—the acronym means “Office for Design and Architecture” aims for “integrated design solutions that seamlessly unite architecture, interior, and furnishings through a unified design intent.” While ODA’s focus is on diverse and large scale products in the hospitality, residential, and pubic arenas, they occasionally produce furnishings that—while perhaps inspired by the prevailing aesthetic of a particular project—posses a tangible mass appeal.




The ROOM is a noteworthy example of such: the concept evolved from a client’s request to create a “room” for a teenager in a loft-like space. The twin demands of portability and manufactured enclosure thus became the ROOM—a modular system whose components include the “Pod,” (sleeping space), the “Media Station” (desk/work/computer space), and “Satellite” (storage tower/dresser). Each piece is mobile and attachable, thus providing multiple arrangement options to suit long, narrow dimensions as easily as unwieldy and capacious environments (like the loft space alluded to above).

The ROOM concept certainly has universal appeal (and this goes beyond the space-station metaphor of the cleverly-named components). The aesthetic suits a demographic anywhere along the continuum between youngish teens and young adults (and older yet still portable adults). As with the Casulo modular living concept, the ROOM solves many problems of “temporary” living. Whether addressing the demands of an impromptu addition or arrangement, college life, or the unpredictable exigencies of vocational fluctuation, ODA’s ROOM performs admirably.

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