At BKLYN DESIGNS 2009: Igloo Play

Sometimes you can’t design for a particular client if you can’t figure out that client’s needs and desires. Such was the case for Lisa Albin, the mind behind Iglooplay, the Brooklyn-based company that makes “furniture for children inspired by creativity and play.” Yes, motherhood has some distinct advantages: it gave her the idea for child-specific furniture, and it provided her with quality control personnel (Albin refers to her two daughters as consultants).

Mod Topper. Designed by Lisa Albin of Iglooplay.

Iglooplay “combines organic forms, ergonomics and a modernist sensibility to playfully engage both children and adults,” their website claims—and its products back this up. Albin’s Bachelor of Architecture may be behind Iglooplay’s emphasis on sculptural forms. Case in point: the Mod Rocker. This child-sized rocking chair of molded ply construction rivals some of the adult bent plywood chairs we’ve covered. Mod Rocker has the low, wide profile of Magic; and the gentle bounce of Spring Chair. With a spot of color (cranberry, keylime, or periwinkle) from the optional Mod Pad, an oval-shaped cushion of micro-suede with a no-skid back, the Mod Rocker should please the most particular of small bums. Not quite right? Then pair the Mod Rocker with the ingenious Mod Topper, a table that fits the rocking chair perfectly, transforming the reading chair into a drawing station. Mod Topper also acts as a stool, so little people can get to the stuff that’s out of reach. Both Mod pieces come in maple or walnut veneers.


Mod Rocker. Designed by Lisa Albin of Iglooplay.


Mod Rocker. Designed by Lisa Albin of Iglooplay.


Tea Pod. Designed by Lisa Albin of Iglooplay.

Still not convinced of Iglooplay’s creative and modern spin on kids’ furniture? Then take a look at Albin’s Tea Pods, upholstered organic furniture forms. A chair, table, and ottoman all in one, Tea Pods can be turned on their sides or upside down—really, they have no “correct” orientation. Instead, children are invited to use them as they desire, something that “enhances creativity through play.” An optional tray fits over the Tea Pod to transform it into a sturdy table for tea time.

Albin is looking to the future as well (possibly another result of parenting given that the children are our future etc. and so forth): Iglooplay uses only wood obtained from sustained yield forestry practice and resource-efficient molded plywood. Launched in 2005, Iglooplay has already earned its fair share of praise. See what they’re up to next week at BKLYN DESIGNS 2009.

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