Save Space with Tumidei Mini-Lofts

The American sense of space is expansive—what with manifest destiny, great spans of geography, purple mountains, fields of grain, and so forth. This is not the case in other countries, where elevators are more likely to resemble vertically-oriented coffins. It is thanks to these other locations that we get so many ingenious space-saving ideas. Italian company Tumidei has taken economy to a new level by thinking in terms of levels.

Tiramolla Series. Manufactured by Tumidei.

Their Tiramolla series (Loft in English) puts everything within reach in spectacularly efficient and handsome designs. The concept is not completely new in the United States, where dormitory rooms often negotiate tiny areas by building up—placing beds on four posts, for example. But the college version of loft living has been missing much, starting with any modicum of style. Tumidei transforms the entire scheme by offering choices based on versatility, fantasy, and customization: “constructing closets under the beds, the beds over the closets, the bureaus under the beds or over the closets…” Their multi-level structures begin with tubes and aluminum molds. Add the choice of 33 colors, 6 melamines, 8 colors of metal, and 6 colors of methacrylates and you’ve got possibility. As Tumidei explains, “all your fantastic space mounts as a game.”



Transform a little girl’s room into a fairy tale castle by choosing pale pink lacquer and snow white melamine. The result is as scrumptious as a confection. For the teenagers, choose a predominantly black combination. The college-aged can add a bit of sophistication with a neutral palette. While Tiramolla is ideal for dormitory rooms (and colleges should take note), the Lofts are also fit for serious adult living. For another great option when it comes to uber-functional small-space living, see Clei’s Hide-Away Beds. Upholstered headboards in linen or leather dress up the airy beds, as do color combinations and finishes. Loft is a savvy alternative for those with a decided lack of territory.

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