Compacting the Kitchen Sink: Delica’s Dish Drain

Whether you’re an environmentalist or a city dweller you potentially face a similar problem. Minus the convenience of a dishwasher (due to your proclaimed greenness, a cheap landlord or lack of space) you seek a clever and compact location to dry your dishes. You may have been to Target, the Container Store and various other locations only to find bulky plastic monstrosities anxious to occupy 90% of your covetable counter space. Ernest Perera has designed the Aurea dish drainer for Delica, sure to fulfill your every dish drying desire.

Aurea. Designed by Ernest Perera for Delica.

Visually and physically minimal, Aurea is marked by a clean silhouette and vertical orientation. The designer forgoes the traditional bulky plastic in favor of waterproof wood and melamine mix. The materiality alone makes it more suitable for a prominent countertop location. Its graphic form, made possible by the technology of the laser cutter, is light and artistic. The two flat planes are fitted together into a tent-like form, locked into place via small pieces, like a 3d puzzle. Easily deconstructed and reconstructed, ‘Aurea’ fits in the smallest of spaces when not in use. When the dishes are dry your counter is clear. Unless, of course, you are so fond of its graphic sensibility that it becomes a permanent countertop accessory.



Its function driven form, clean lines and classic color have yielded a winning design (reminiscent of Muji’s inexpensive objects of desire). Like a picture frame and stand, it holds its contents in place and on display. Waterlogged messes and dingy plastic tubs have seen their last days. As your spring cleaning agenda is underway, throw out your current dish drainer and welcome Aurea in to your kitchen. Minimizing clutter in favor of more streamlined aesthetics paves the way to a brighter future.

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