Smeg Refrigerator – Back To The 50’s

Utilitarian function is the key word when it comes to home appliances so it is worth noting when they elicit exhilaration among design aficionados. Refrigerators, in particular, are often seen only as tools to support our epicurean adventures. However with its punctilious clean lines, retro styling and splashes of vibrant color, the Smeg 50'S Style Refrigerator emerges as an updated and highly covetable weapon of gastronomic invention.

50'S Style Refrigerator. Manufactured by Smeg.

The Smeg 50'S Style Refrigerator demonstrates a sleek adaptation of that widely recognizable post-war Pleasantville aesthetic. Evoking a sentimental return to a decade that romanticized traditional middle class American life, the Smeg refrigerator reminds us of a time when economic prosperity was at its peak and home appliances were then lauded as tools liberating women from the shackles of domestic chores. Thanks to popular TV shows like Happy Days, the fifties have been etched forever into our collective design consciousness. The Smeg fridge in a way, functions as a retro time machine, transporting us back to the that time without sacrificing the dependability of modern engineering.

Smeg Refrigerator - Back To The  50’s

Driven by Smeg's design philosophy ‘Tecnologia che arreda’ (‘Technology with style’), Smeg’s refrigerator meshes a unique blend of historic and contemporary styles, coherently communicating both the appliance’s purpose and presence. Says Smeg: "Understated lines, perfect in their simplicity – this is what makes Smeg products refined and elegant, beyond the passing fads of fashion". Measuring 57½ x 23â… x 27½ inches, the fridge includes an ice compartment and features the choice of left- and right-hand hinges. The interior is "anti-bacterial" and the fridge maintains a capacity of 9.22 Cu. Ft. Smeg’s 50'S Style Refrigerator presents us with a dynamic re-invention of one of the century’s most notable periods of design. Now doesn’t that make your day a happy one.

For more information, contact Smeg USA at 212-265-5378 ext. 14.

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