Propeller: Rotate to Reconfigure

"There must be a balance between the functional and the aesthetic..." claims Danish furniture producer, Jørgen Christensen A/C. Propeller, presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair by FurnID for Jørgen Christensen A/C, epitomizes this harmonious balance. "Simple and expressive," its name says it all.

Propeller. Designed by FurnID for Jørgen Christensen A/C.

The Propeller table is an adaptation of the traditional drop leaf table. A main center plate is connected to two free-hanging plates (leaves), one on each end, enabling the table to vary in length. Traditionally, four table legs support the main center plate, allowing the leaves to fold downwards. Conversely, Propeller's supports, loosely based on the form of a propeller, are attached to the outer leaves of the table. Through rotational movement, the table is reconfigured. As the free-hanging plates rotate downward, the table supports rotate as well, moving closer together and resting on their sides to support the main center plate.

Propeller:  Rotate to Reconfigure

What we love about this slender table-top is its apparent weightlessness. Moving around the table, the propeller-like supports appear to be in motion, their profile constantly changing. The sense of movement and lightness evokes a suggestion of aerodynamic design. Unfolded, the table is a long rectangular form and folding in the free-hanging plates creates an even more compact square. The Propeller's streamlined design eliminates the supportive reinforcements generally required to hold the outer leaves.

This expandable table is designer FurnID's second which follows AddOn, FurnID’s expandable coffee table with a similar operational design. Whether you're searching for residential or commercial table solution, this inspired design fits the bill. Composed of an aluminum frame and compact laminate surface, the Propeller is available in black, white or a combination of the two that will no doubt help you take flight into the next class of design intelligence.

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