A Stunning Array of Side Tables

Architect/Designer Philipp Mainzer believes in the purity of his chosen medium. Whether working with wood, steel, aluminum, or leather, Mainzer says the “feel and appearance of the material should inform the design of each product.” Such is the mantra at e15, Mainzer’s Oberursel, Germany-based architecture/design outfit that, since 1995, has created pieces that are “assured, refined and uncomplicated.” [via Design Sponge]

Habibi Side Tables. Designed by Philipp Mainzer for e15.

Mainzer’s Habibi side tables are a striking and resilient set. For this enticing trio of tables is a memorial to metallurgy, an accolade for alchemy. Available in three flavors (stainless steel, aluminum, and polished brass), e15’s Habibi is actually a modular side/coffee table system-the detachable trays (that come in three circumferences and lip heights) can mix and mingle with different table heights. This versatility can be fun at parties: arrange all three tables end to end for a unique beverage and hors d’oeuvre display; dress up the lot of them with some tempting varieties of Turkish coffee; or use the shortest of the three tables for a traditional Moroccan tea service.

A Stunning Array of Side Tables

This last suggestion would work for Mainzer, since it evokes the Middle East: “Habibi is reminiscent of ornately detailed oriental tea services,” he affirms. Each tray is handmade (this means hand-spun and hand-polished) of the highest quality untreated metals. As such, the lustrous patina they acquire over time-if conventional metal polishes are NOT APPLIED, Mainzer reminds us-is truly one-of-a kind. This makes the piece(s) even more of a show-stopper. Whatever personalized rituals you devise for it, Habibi will carry them off in high style.

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