Live at IMM Cologne: Stormbox

Johannes Hemann

was one of young designers in the [d3] design talents section of IMM Cologne. His oddly-shaped pieces — a chair, a low table, and a lamp — are not typical show beauties, but there was something weirdly appealing about them.

He also had a large, clear-paneled box on display. It turns out that Kirsten (the lamp), Geoffrey (the chair) and Fridtjof (the table) were all created using what Hemann calls a storm box. Hermann places an object in the storm box, for Kirsten he used a cylinder hung from a cable, and through a combination of heat, compressed air, glue and what ever particulates he chooses, layer upon layer is built up. “I was inspired by snow drifts,” he explained. “I wanted to created something in the same natural, randomized manner that a post, tree or other shape does when snow and wind work at it.”

Stormbox. Designed by Johannes Hemann.

Live at IMM Cologne: StormboxLive at IMM Cologne: Stormbox

Hemann admits he doesn’t yet know what type of production future storm box pieces may have, but having only been at it for a little over a year, he’s already refined his process. Fridtjof and Geoffrey were among his first completed pieces, with Kirsten following a few months later, and the understanding and control he’s gained are evident. “I try not to direct or influence the wind too much, but I also want to make sure the finished piece is visually appealing.”

He plans to continue working with storm box production, experimenting with different shapes and materials and hopes to be back at IMM Cologne next year with a salable line.

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