Sadlerstone Precision Engineered Precast Concrete Flooring

Has anybody ever heard of “thermal mass?” One of the few concepts I remember from the sustainable building course I audited a couple years back, the term refers to the sum total heat-retention capacity of a given material. Thus, more thermal mass means an increased ability to store and re-distribute heat, which, in turn, means a much better bang for your heating buck. Not to mention better resource use, less use of fossil fuels, less pollution, less cost per lifetime, etc. So what does this have to do with Sadlerstone’s Precast Concrete Stone? I’m glad you asked…

Precision Engineered Precast Concrete Flooring. Manufactured by Sadlerstone.

Luck has it that concrete has excellent thermal storage properties, which matters if you’re concerned about your home’s efficiency. According to the Consumer Energy Center: “in winter, thermal mass absorbs heat by direct sunlight. At night the process is reversed as thermal mass gives up heat, warming the room by radiation, convection and conduction. The greater the area of thermal mass, the greater its ability to store heat and maintain a uniform temperature…thermal mass can take numerous forms such as brick, tile or thick concrete floors.” So this intrinsic heat storage and distribution is just one advantage of Sadlerstone’s Collection of precision engineered concrete stone, “a beautiful, low-maintenance, eco-preferable and durable alternative to natural stone, with the ease of installation of tile.”

Sadlerstone Precision Engineered Precast Concrete Flooring

Smooth, Fossil. Installed at The Pub, Crown Casino, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Sadlerstone Precision Engineered Precast Concrete Flooring

Smooth Terrazzo, Ivory Alabaster Marble. Installed at Calvin Klein Showroom, New York City. Project designed by Lynch Eisinger Design. Photo Credit: Amy Barkow

And while ecological sensitivity is central to the company philosophy (“ecoCoutre,” as their clever coinage has it, thus linking aesthetics with sustainability), one look at the Sadlerstone line and you’ll be hooked on looks alone. The product effectively mimics the appearance of natural stone, and it’s available in a staggering multitude of shapes, sizes, finishes, and colors: honed, polished, or sawn terrazo; translucent or tonally variable smooth finish; non-slip, colorfast, and UV-stable textured finish; six standard sizes in squares or rectangles; five nosing profiles for countertops; and I won’t venture to quantify the comprehensive color range-you’ll just have to see that for yourself.

In addition to being eco-wise and gorgeous, Sadlerstone precast concrete wears as well as stone. One test of the product’s durability is its attractiveness as flooring for retail spaces. As anyone in that industry knows, “the floor is the most important element in the retail space, creating a dynamic viewing experience, a centerpiece that enables people to be inspired by the products." And the surface must last as well-no store wants the display diminished by chips or scuffs. A quick glance at Sadlerstone’s retail client list says they’ve put their money where their mouth is: Armani, Saks, Hugo Boss, TUMI, Kate Spade, Oroton, Calvin Klein, Nine West… each uses Sadlerstone precast concrete tiles. But don’t let this roster intimidate. Sadlerstone’s eco-friendly, durable, and beautiful concrete flooring maybe the ideal solution for your personal yearning for stone.

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