HANSACANYON Unites Red and Blue States

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware that Tuesday was election day. Red states, blue states - there wasn’t much common ground between the two factions. Leave it to 3rings, however, to offer a reconciliatory product in a spirit of cooperation: the HansaCanyon. This faucet emits colored water that changes from blue to purple to red depending on temperature. And while this may pale in comparison to our newly beloved Beijing Aquatics Center - with which no water-related design has yet to compare - the HansaCanyon actually fits in your home (a strong argument for your support).

HansaCanyon. Designed by Bruno Sacco and Reinhard Zetsche. Manufactured by Hansa.

Hansa calls the Canyon “a brand new concept in water flow: an open, visible watercourse spout.” The fluid emanation of water enthralls the eye, while the strict profile of the hardware controls the unabashed flow. It’s as if Republicans built the nonsensical frame and Democrats filled it with exuberance and elan. Electronically controlled by sensor buttons, the HansaCanyon joins water, light, and energy in a beautiful amalgam of purpose and luxury: “it becomes an object that throws an entirely new light on the interpretation of the water experience … an avant-garde element in your bathroom.”

HANSACANYON Unites Red and Blue States

If designers Bruno Sacco and Reinhard Zetsche were able to come together to conceive such a product, then perhaps the red and the blue can reach across the aisle for the greater purpose of the country. Should that fail (and I’m willing to bet on it, designers being slightly more cooperative than politicians), then we can all cool off under the HansaCanyon showerhead, an extra wide version that offers “a generous flow” that’s “almost majestic.” I foresee that one or more parties will be needing this water experience, if not now, soon-I, for one, am already tense enough to require the HansaCanyon’s rejuvenating pulse.

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