Best of KBIS 2024

Best of KBIS 2024

It’s been a couple of weeks since KBIS wrapped up in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean the buzz from the top products has waned. To the contrary, given their synthesis of technological innovation and aesthetic appeal, we’ll be relishing these best of winners all throughout 2024.

#1. Free Power

schematic of Free Power best of KBIS winner

“Never think about charging again” with this innovative technology. Free Power layers all the tech you need to charge any wireless device discretely beneath the surface. Using a powerful network of copper discs, Free Power gives you a free pass for wire-free charging that incorporates into countertop surfaces including natural stone, engineered stone, and wood. Users may adjust the charging zone’s “halo” of light for brightness, color, and more.

Free Power on bed side table with halo of light

#2 Tenzo Fine Plomberie Wall-Mounted Tub Filler

Tenzo tub filer with gold finish best of KBIS

The Luxurious and lovely tub filler from Tenzo elevates any space with its seamless design, bright gold finish, and adjustable tap, a shining example from this Montreal-based company: “The avant-garde of fine plumbing recognized for the quality of its products and innovative concepts.”

#3. Jennair Limited Edition Fridge

Jennair leather cuts fridge in azure green

Is it? Could it be? a leather refrigerator? Jennair says yes with the Leather Cuts Panel Edition that wraps this streamlined column fridge in your choice of fine Italian leather. In the process, “turning the mundane into a celebration: transforming the classic stainless steel front of a refrigerator into something tactile, warm and seductive.” Nice to see a change from the same old, same old, no?

classic Jennair leather cuts four colors

#4. Venezia Tap Handles

Venezia faucets by Fantini deep green and blude

Look at these lovely, two-tone, filigree faucets from the Venezia collection by Fantini, brought to us by none other than Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez. These one of a kind handles exemplify the venerated art of ancient Murano glassmaking for a mesmerizing play of color, texture, light.

Venezia faucets best of KBIS

#5. Revego Pocket Doors

Revego doors in closed position for uniform wall

We close it out with Revego Pocket Doors by Blum, a now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t, ready-to-install solution for converting space. Ideal for kitchens, cabinets, and home-offices, Revego doors pull off an impressive presto-chango disappearing act in which the door vanishes discretely into the pocket when open and completely conceals it when closed: “A perfect wall is a wall that’s there when you need it and disappears when you don’t.”

Pocket doors from KBIS bes of in open position with bicycle and clothing

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