At IIDEX, NeoCon Canada: Granger by Nienkämper

The Granger Collection will be exhibiting at the IIDEX/NeoCon Canada, so don't forget to give it a discerning look-over if you are in the area. Designed by David Granger of Australia’s Bang Design, the collection will be distributed in North America through Nienkämper who are manufacturing the Granger seating collection under a license with Formway, the original New Zealand-based manufacturer.

Granger. Designed by David Granger. Manufactured by Nienkämper.

It's hard not to miss Granger’s predilection towards contemporary workspaces, and how it meshes flawlessly in the Modernist grid. The strong sculptural element of the seating collection makes quite a design statement and gives the impression that the chair is counter-reactive to the hackneyed office chair, which reminds you of the drudgery awaiting you.

At IIDEX, NeoCon Canada: Granger by Nienkämper

Granger is also available in an armless version, though I am not too sure how comfortable that would be. Both versions of the Granger seating collection are available with or without upholstery. David Granger has adhered to the current mantra of "Go Green" and has thus used FSC-certified plywood shell resting on a slender, stainless steel frame. This innovative approach gives an illusion of the chair looking lighter than its actual frame without forfeiting comfort and strength.

Prod a little further and the designer's inimitable design ethos comes to the vanguard. According to the designer, the chair seeks to replicate the graceful curve of a waterfall and this doesn't surprise me. Today office furniture is not just about utility, but also tries to bring a hint of quirkiness to a structured environment to get those creative juices flowing. Granger not only exhibits the designer's unyielding thought process, but also highlights how nonconforming shapes don't necessary have to be pretentious.

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