At Arm’s Length: Brazo

Gold medal winner at the 2008 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) under the Office & Productivity category, the Brazo lamp is an LED lamp that offers extreme adjustability. And by extreme, I mean actually, truly extreme (as opposed to extreme in contemporary popular slang wherein the word signifies little): 360-degree arm rotation, 90-degree head adjustability, and a height adjustment between 14 and 21 inches.

Brazo, LED lamp. Designed and Manufactured by Pablo Designs.

The Brazo lamp, meaning “arm” in Spanish, casts light in a linear fashion, making it ideal for office work. Quite smartly (finally, for an office lamp), Brazo also controls the light in a way that the lamp will not interfere with computer monitors. Andrew Hartman, one of the IDSA judges and Creative Director of New Business for Philips (The Netherlands), summarizes Brazo’s advantages: “I was fascinated with this product’s refined sophistication and precision technical detail. This design allows precise control and positioning of light through the clever and appropriate use of LED technology.”

At Arm’s Length: Brazo

Designed by Pablo Designs of the U.S., "¨"¨Brazo’s body is composed of machined aluminum; this sleek material lends itself well to a minimal design that takes advantage of straight lines-lines, by the way, that both produce a perfect spectrum of light and allow maximum adjustability. This task light is notable in another way: it’s 97% recyclable.

The IDEA awards, sponsored by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and Business Week, will be formally (black tie recommended) announced at the Awards Ceremony in Phoenix on September 13, 2008. In the meantime, you can vote for Brazo for the People’s Choice Award.

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