Spindle Table

For industrial designer Brad Ascalon, clinging irrationally to design traditions has never been an  attractive option. This Rutgers graduate’s portfolio features some striking works where each design seems to communicate its presence. The Spindle Table, which was unveiled this year, is yet another creation from Ascalon that gives an urban twist to the quintessential and reverberates with individualism and progression.

Spindle Table. Designed by Brad Ascalon. Manufactured by Ligne Roset.

Furniture giants Ligne Roset will manufacture the Spindle Table, which has been described as a "sofa end table with visually light appearance in 10mm thick clear formed glass with strut in gloss black lacquered turned wood." The table has also done the rounds of many International furniture fairs and is available Ligne Roset in particular countries only.

The term "spindle" has many connotations however the most generic definition of spindle has to be "a rod or pin used for spinning on a spinning wheel." The emphasis on the structure (the table in this case) cannot be denied, but paradoxically the structural elements have been completely eclipsed by a rather innocuous looking wooden rod. Further the use of a black lacquered wooden spindle adds an old world charm to this contemporary table and relays an impression of it being rooted deep in history.

Spindle Table

The Spindle Table juxtaposes the dueling trend of minimalism with the ornate. The table defies stereotypes and has an almost quixotic quality to it.  It perfectly encapsulates a creative opulence that is a synthesis of sustainable design, miscellaneous design trajectories and capricious experimentation.

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