The Pixel Couch

At times, artistic creativity entails defying clich©s and creating designs that exemplify a true flash of brilliance. There is something utterly fascinating about witnessing a structure of work whose roots lay in the designers fortuitous imagination and additionally see that creativity get impeccably translated into sustainable design. Take for instance The Pixel Couch which is the brainchild of a Royal College of Art graduate by the name of Cristian Zuzunaga.

The Pixel Couch. Designed by Cristian Zuzunaga.

A pixel, which is the smallest single component of an image, has now attained unparalleled importance in our contemporary existence. However, while it may live both in and beyond our displays and photos, we don't even seem to register its omnipresent nature. However Cristian Zuzunaga noticed the ubiquitous pixel and did something (rather well, we might add) about it by paying homage to the all pervading pixel.

The Pixel Couch

The Pixel Couch

Zuzunaga's Pixel couch echoes with eccentricity and highlights the designer's proclivity to inject vibrancy in his creations. The pixel pattern is alluring without being chaotic and its crystal clear that the designer wants to redefine the living room space.

The Pixel Couch will be produced by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and sold through Moroso. Moroso will make it a part of their Springfield sofa series and Kvadrat will use what they term as blitz fabric. However no price or actual release dates have been announced.

By not adhering to a conventional source of inspiration, the Pixel Couch epitomizes the convergence of abstract influences with sustainable design. Zuzunaga's cacophonous concoction of pulsating colors may evoke extreme reactions and may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it does call to the inner geek in me.

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