La Diva Chair

Perusing the wares offered by manufacturer Andreau World provides prospective buyers with a rare opportunity: purchasing high-end designer furniture that comes from the good old U.S.A. Well, sort of.

La Diva Chair. Designed by Jaime Bouzaglo. Manufactured by Andreau World.

The company was founded by Spaniard Francisco Andreau Martí in 1955 but is currently headquartered in none other than America’s favority windy city, Chicago. That said, the “World” in the name should be read literally: they own and operate manufacturing plants and commercial enterprises in Asia, Europe, and Australia, in addition to the U.S.; they sell their products across the globe, and they’re one of the most recognizable manufacturers in international design. But they’ve also preserved their Spanish roots; with a roster of designers including Javier Mariscal (see Los Muebles Amorosos), and Lievore, Althorr, and Molina (see Catifa Chair), Andreau World is invested in a Spanish aesthetic; specifically, one that can be said to have emerged from Barcelona, Spain’s most worldly city.

La Diva Chair

Jaime Bouzaglo, born in Spanish Morocco but raised in Barcelona, brings a touch of Moorish flair to this roster: he designed a palace and airport boutique in Casablanca and was the principal designer for the “Cerruti 1881″ clothing line in 17 cities including Kobe, Hong Kong, London, and Madrid. One look at his La Diva chair and you’ll sense the presence of diverse influences: the Spanish and the Moorish, the Baroque and Romanesque, the grandeur of Gaudí and the whimsy of Miró. There’s an overt tension between the geometric and the asymetric. The over-sized backrest thrusts skyward- suggesting rectilinearity-yet is angled just slightly; the curved armrest is styled in a traditional way, yet there’s only one; the front feet and back feet are slightly disproportional, giving the chair an aura of inner tension and flux. All this slight “off-kilter-ness” makes La Diva a true original. It’s as if Bouzaglo has taken several familiar elements and nudged them just enough so they approach the precipice, so they’ve become something entirely new.

La Diva’s fusion of contemporary and traditional elements makes it extremely versatile. Pair it with hand-crafted, ornate walnut for an exacting contrast that can help update a traditional scheme; or use it as part of a modern ensemble to tone things down a bit-to help connect the future to the past. Fun and Flexible, strikingly new yet resonating with the history of Spain, La Diva is sure to make an impression.

La Diva is available in fabric or leather, left or right armrest models, and multiple colors. See Andreau World for further info.

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