ICFF Wrap Up

First off, I'd like to apologize for disappearing this past week. Actually, I was away in Israel for almost 3 weeks, but had managed to preemptively post a number of articles before my departure. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately), I was enjoying myself so much that I extended my trip a bit and couldn't find a public computer with Photoshop... at least not in English.

But without further delay, let's get straight to business. Our trade event season is over. And just to recap, your 3rings editors were quick to report live from Salone, BKLYN DESIGNS, ICFF, and NeoCon. Now comes my favorite part: to report on their reports with an event wrap up. Here is your ICFF Wrap Up, 2008.

Tanya wrote At ICFF: Todd Bracher's BOOM on May 19, 2008. These occasional side tables are bright, colorful, round, and fun. I'd say they are perfect for any hip and modern interior living space, but would make for beautiful landscape artifacts as well (provided the material is weatherproof). After sitting on a plane for twelve hours catching up on season 4 of Entourage, I want to simply say: You can't go wrong with Tadd Bracher. BOOM!

ICFF Wrap Up

Alicita wrote At ICFF: Raft Daybed by Yothaka on May 19, 2008. Can anyone say Feng Shui? A simple and elegant daybed, this is one of my favorite Spring products. For all of you whom admire Eastern design or Asian calm, this raft is for you.

Joseph wrote At ICFF: Coco Loco on May 20, 2008. As you guessed it, the Coco Collection is inspired by the coconut fruit. South American traditional craftsmanship and international influences combine to create a collection that is both Old World and Modern, or Transitional. Not sure where the Loco portion comes from, but I promise you'll be Loco for this Coco so enjoy.

Franki wrote At ICFF: The Simple Light's Amoeba on May 20, 2008. While Franki was the first to spot Amoeba, this beautiful light fixture caught my fancy from 100 feet away. On the one hand it's painfully simple and clean design, while at the same time it's an object whose appearance changes from every viewing angle. Yes, I'd have to label this fixture modern, but it works in contemporary or classic spaces too. It works everywhere and anywhere.

Tanya wrote At ICFF: Arctic Collection by nea studio on May 21, 2008. Nina Edwards Anker presented at both Salone and ICFF and received celebrated feedback at both showings. Her Arctic Collection is playful and fun as she experiments with such notions as gravity and form, pushing design boundaries on both accounts. As the name suggests, Arctic is inspired by heavily natural elements and yet the end-result is anything but natural... that's perhaps the root of my deep affection for these unnatural centerpieces. Have a look for yourself and you'll quickly discover what I mean.

ICFF Wrap Up

Sophie wrote At ICFF: Alexander Kneller on May 21, 2008. Design a chair that originates from the simplest of all forms - a cube - and include space for storage items that might accompany the action of sitting... sounds like a project one might come across in design school. In fact, I am almost positive I was given this very same assignment while studying at Cornell. That said, I promise my solution was not nearly as elegant as Side Chair 2 by Alexander Kneller. This MDF chair showcases beautiful craftsmanship, offers front drawer storage, and optional upholstery. If the fabric is preferred, it lines each of four sides within the seating divot and plays an important role in creating negative space within the three-dimensional, rectangular canvas. This witty and academic side chair is perfect for any modern interior space, especially a square room looking for some flare.

Alicita wrote At ICFF: Anne Kyyro Quinn's Tactile Textiles on May 22, 2008. Spatial pillows?!? That shouldn't make any sense, but alas it does thanks to Anne Kyyrö Quinn, winner of ICFF's Best New Designer Award in 2003. Anne continues to play with fabric, molding linen and wool felt into three-dimensional textiles that eschew smooth surfaces. Her contemporary textiles are hand-cut, hand-sewn, and hand-finished, which is seemingly the only way possible to sculpt her designs into being.

Joseph wrote At ICFF: Muggleton's Macassar Collection on May 22, 2008. Mr. Muggleton "creates and manufactures innovative, high-quality modern and contemporary furniture by bending and shaping exotic woods and blending other materials such as metal and glass to achieve the desired concept." The end-result is awesomeness!

Tanya wrote At ICFF: Oz Chair on May 23, 2008. Are you a happy person? And then maybe sad? Or do you like to laugh? Perhaps just moments after you cry? Now there's a chair for you! The Oz chair is made from layers of wool felt that can be flipped to match its owner's mood or living space.

ICFF Wrap Up

Alicita wrote At ICFF: Yale School of Architecture on May 23, 2008. I say this a lot, but I love student work. So I was thrilled to come across this seating collection designed and crafted by graduate students at Yale. The idea of submitting these chair designs to ICFF came from student Dana Getman, who worked for Richard Meier before returning to school for a Master's degree. Meier had shown at ICFF regularly, so Getman knew about the opportunity that showing at ICFF provided. I actually went to school with Getman at Cornell so it was an even bigger treat to stumble upon this booth while walking the show floors. You'll want to read this article and learn of some innovative and fresh seating ideas.

Michelle wrote At ICFF: Placentero Lounge Chair by BATTI on May 27, 2008. Imagine a rocking chair that wobbles in all directions (I mean truly 360 degrees), but cannot tip over at all. I usually can't manage to stay on a simple rocking chair with movement only forward and back so you can imagine my delight while I was riding this. Yes, the price-point unfortunately marks this as a seating artifact for the wealthy, but go find a rich friend so you can see the Placentero in action.

ICFF Wrap Up

Tanya wrote At ICFF: Gap Chair by Artifort on May 28, 2008. Here's a seating item from one of my favorite European furniture manufacturers. Designed by Khodi Feiz for everyday usage, the Gap chair does springboard towards an unpredictable and stimulating design twist by seeking to fill the gap between the back and seat. It features a shell that is fully upholstered and curved, and the chair is available with four-legs and a sled base, or with a five-leg base.

Alicita wrote At ICFF: Blue Moon Tub on May 28, 2008. This Duravit tub is for all those people whom have always wanted a pool in their bathroom. Or maybe just a tub large enough for two. That's all I have to say about Blue Moon. If I have captured your attention, read Alicita's article to learn more.

Lora wrote At ICFF: Two Much on May 29, 2008. What a surprise to see Lora write more about romance. But yet again, this one has a twist... the 'twosome' trend in design. Apparently more and more beautiful design collaborations are coming life these days. In particular, Lora is crushing on the the latest twosome of 3-Form and Wovin Wall. This hookup has all the makings of one really hot product; a stunning 3-dimensional system engineered in Australia by Wovin Wall, mixed with the oh-so-sexy eco-resin encapsulated materials of 3-Form. If you believe in L-O-V-E, this read is for you.

ICFF Wrap Up

Tanya wrote At ICFF: Boomerang Collection on May 29, 2008. Yes, as the name suggests, in profile this seating collection resembles a Boomerang... somewhat reminds me of my Zelda days. Balance and minimalism seem to be fundamental elements in this beautiful series. The furniture is crafted from materials like molded polyurethane foam, fabric, and silver painted steel, while all pieces in the collection have been upholstered in fabric and include a steel foot for durability and sustainability. The tables on the other hand are made from transparent methacrylate single panels, which makes for some striking translucent imagery. This is a very elegant furniture collection for any interior living space, especially a room where you might plug in your old Nintendo station and throw boomerangs while seated in your Boomerang.

Alicita wrote At ICFF: Wippro Space-Saving Doors on May 29, 2008. For any of our 3ringers whom live in apartments requiring heavy space saving techniques, these doors by Wippro are a true find. There are a number of variations to choose from, whether it be a monoplan, duoplan, or triplan. They are all great!

Joseph wrote At ICFF: Whole In One on May 30, 2008. I somewhat wish this were more inspired by the golf links, but it's not. Regardless, I am still a huge fan! Made from moulded cold cure foam and fiber wrapped around a wooden frame, Whole in One resembles just that-a personalized sanctuary that cradles the entire spinal axis: "it offers great comfort both for sitting and resting, and its various possible sitting postures holds good support for the body."

Tanya wrote At ICFF: Wing Collection on May 30, 2008. Maybe it's because it's Summer, but I am crushing on Richard Schultz's collection of modern outdoor furniture. In particular, the Wing Collection is smoking HOT (no pun intended). This new Wing Collection is a modern reinterpretation to the almost nondescript Wing Chair, famously recognized by its large armrests projecting between the back and arms to protect against drafts. Yes, Schultz adheres to this basic principle, but cunningly manages to give the collection its own unique twist with revitalized color and material. As July 4 has just passed, I'd say Summer is still young, but not for long. So be sure to read more about Richard Schultz and maybe even purchase a Wing Chair for your backyard.

ICFF Wrap Up

Franki wrote At ICFF: dForm and their fabulous forms on May 30, 2008. First off, I have to say this: thank God for Franki or we'd never see any lighting. These sculptural and artistic fixtures are courtesy of dForm, a Brooklyn-based design studio founded in 2001 by James Dieter. He's formerly the mastermind behind the Origami Chair and now delivers us a new collection of fabulous lighting elements. No surprise form is still a paramount theme, but as the popular saying goes, 'if it ain't broke, then don't fix it.' Be sure to have a look at Franki's report on dForm, our last (but not least) live article from ICFF 2008.

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