Salone Wrap Up

We’re about half way through our event season (or at least half way through the events our 3ringers will be covering). And I think it’s appropriate that we take a moment to review what we’ve written about… call it a wrap up.

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan ended in late April, and BKLYN DESIGNS ended this past weekend. Our next hot-spots will be ICFF in New York City beginning this weekend, and then NeoCon Chicago beginning June 9, at which Designer Pages will be hosting a lofty 20′ x 10′ booth to meet and greet our community of users. Now, without further delay, let’s hit-up the Salone Wrap Up, 2008.

Sophie wrote At Salone: Artecnica's Design with Conscience on April 3, 2008. It’s worth reading about this new ceramics collection and innovative mirror series that was launched during the Salone in Milan.

Tanya wrote At Salone: 11 Foosball Table on April 16, 2008. This is one of my favorite products to be featured on 3rings – a foosball table that has passed through the filter of high-end design.

Salone Wrap Up

11 – the beautiful game. Designed by GRO Design and Tim Modelmakers.

Tanya wrote At Salone: Search Table on April 17, 2008. This table, designed by Israeli industrial designer and educator Prof. Ezri Tarazi is an exciting project for us design-techies. Tarazi creates a table from image results that return for ‘table’ in Google.

Tanya wrote At Salone: Ondine Bench on April 18, 2008. This bench examines the unavoidable collision of site seating and landscape architecture, a concept that has not yet been explored enough.

Salone Wrap Up

Ondine Bench. Designed by Michael Bihain and C©dric Callewaert.

Lora wrote At Salone: Corian loves Missoni on April 18, 2008. This was truly an exciting collaboration of a notorious Italian fashion designer and an iconic American design material manufacturer. And if that isn’t enough, Lora will describe her romantic affair with ‘an Italian’ – certainly worth the read.

Joseph wrote At Salone: Chorus by Toscoquattro on April 19, 2008. This is a beauituful bathroom series by Claudio Nardi, and Joseph additionally examines Nardi’s design philosophy, framed by an interaction between innovation and history – how new materials and new ideas about (or constraints upon) space influence the execution of old technique.

Tanya wrote At Salone: My Beautiful Backside on April 19, 2008. Our most international writer continues to highlight international design inspirations and such influences on the broader (global) product design market.

Sophie wrote At Salone: Slab Collection on April 20, 2008. This product collection first hit the street three years ago, but Tom Dixon has more to say with his newest additions: the slab chair and the slab bench. You’ll also read about Sophie’s elevator introduction with the hotshot Brit designer.

Salone Wrap Up

Slab bench. Designed by Tom Dixon.

Joseph wrote At Salone: Pinch on April 20, 2008. Have you ever wished for secret storage space, maybe under your mattress. This Salone product gives new meaning to the famous phrase ‘Go to the mattresses.” What might you want to hide beneath your sleeping ground?

Tanya wrote At Salone: Driade on April 21, 2008. Read about two new products to join the Driade family, designed by two superstar celebrities: Philippe Starck and Ron Arad.

Tanya wrote At Salone: Cappellini Love Collection on April 22, 2008. Stephen Burkes adds new meaning to words like ‘recyclable’ or ‘eco-friendly’ with this new furniture collection manufactured from recycled paper and glass fragments.

Franki wrote At Salone: Moooi on April 22, 2008. Can you imagine an elliptical, black, quilted leather lamp? Having trouble? I know I did. Read about this new Sofa Lamp designed by Culdesac and H©ctor Serrano.

Tanya wrote At Salone: Tom Dixon's 'A bit of Rough' Collection on April 23, 2008. What can I say? I guess Tom Dixon is one charming Brit, having captured the hearts of two of our writers. However, this time the guilty pleasure is lighting.

Franki wrote At Salone: Helica Ceramics on April 23, 2008. This is one of the most beautiful ceramic sculptures I’ve ever seen. I only wish I could have captured a peak in person in Milan, but am thrilled that Franki has written about it for all of us at 3rings.

Joseph wrote At Salone: Blobulous on April 24, 2008. Two words for you: Karim Rashid. That’s all I am going to say about this chair.

Tanya wrote At Salone: ClassiCon on April 25, 2008. While I studied ‘modern design’ at Cornell, I am sucker for classical works. I love to see reinvention that plays with past influences. So it’s no surprise that I am crushing on the Saturn stool and the Styx table by ClassiCon, two products that each have a timeless and almost incandescent quality to them.

Salone Wrap Up

Styx coffee table. Designed by Alexander Taylor. Manufactured by ClassiCon.

Joseph wrote At Salone: Those Eyes Look Familiar on April 25, 2008. Full disclosure: this product might give you nightmares. So if you’re afraid of the dark or your own shadow, this might not be a good read for you. However, if you’re a brave soul and will appreciate product design in collision with science fiction, cast your eyes on this.

Lora wrote At Salone: Drink a Beer, Make a Chair on April 28, 2008. I am still not sure if Lora wrote about the Nine-O chair because she’s a beer drinker or just an avid fan of Emeco. Either motivation works for me. The Nine-O chair joins the ranks of the Navy Chair, a furniture item claimed to have hit worldwide appeal after a cameo in Sex and the City. But I still haven’t been able to spot it in a single episode. Maybe you will.

Salone Wrap Up

Nine-O chair. Designed by Ettore Sottsass. Manufactured by Emeco.

Joseph wrote At Salone: Shift Sofa on April 28, 2008. This product is super green, in fact, super-bright green. The Shift Sofa by Bjorn Meier Designs features an angled seating arrangement to generate a face-to-face situation and encourage conversations. I very much appreciate it’s consideration for how notions of perspective might influence our experience of furniture (whether it be our viewing furniture from a distance, or in this instance, our view outward while inhabiting furniture).

Candace wrote At Salone: Spiral Island on April 29, 2008. I suggest you take a seat for this one. Spiral Island is a wonderful seating and lighting synergy. It might make you feel like you’ve launched yourself into a wild psychedelic journey but it’s well worth the ride.

Joseph wrote At Salone: Kanchar Centerpieces on April 29, 2008. I suppose Joseph wanted us to spend some time looking at table top furnishings, a nice detour from a Salone experience that’s mostly focused on more typical furniture items. The Kanchar Centerpieces are exquisite, and additionally allow us an opportunity to revisit Driade once more.

Tanya wrote At Salone: Aqua Jewels Collection on April 30, 2008. I am not sure if this is an American phrase, but Tanya wanted everyone to know that ‘shine is fine.’ For our more crude domestic readers, this bathroom fixtures collection shouts a hardy ‘bling bling.’ It’s probably not appropriate for all applications, but I can’t wait to see these faucets in action. I suppose I’ll have to book a trip to some trendy hotel as I probably won’t spot these in a friend’s apartment any time soon.

Candace wrote At Salone: Quin.MGX on April 30, 2008. Sculptural lamps and/or lighting pendants seem to be a new trend. The Quin.MGX, perhaps at its forefront, should not be missed.

Tanya wrote At Salone: Tazi Hound Sofa on May 1, 2008. Any animal lovers out there? This sofa is inspired by the Afghan Hound, a sight hound dog breed, which is distinguished by its thick, fine, silky coat.

Joseph wrote At Salone: BASF + Grcic + Plank = Myto on May 1, 2008. Stackable seating is a category of furniture that has been a bit overplayed, but the Myto chair puts forward a new personality – a stackable indoor/outdoor posterior-cantilevered chair. There’s a sense of playfulness and whimsy coupled with just a bit of menace: a perfect recipe for innovation in contemporary design.

Salone Wrap Up

MYTO cantilever chair. Designed by Konstantin Grcic. Manufactured by Plank.

Alicita wrote At Salone: Oclock on May 2, 2008. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Are you often late for meetings? You won’t lose track of time after learning of Oclock.

Sophie wrote At Salone: Yoshioka's Heaven on May 2, 2008. Our Salone journey for 2008 has come to an end. Take a rest in Yoshioka's Heaven.

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