At ICFF: Placentero Lounge Chair by BATTI

What better than the Placentero lounge chair to bring out our inner child? I had seen photos of this chair and it always sparked my curiosity, and finally I had the pleasure of cozying up in it at ICFF.

Placentero Lounge Chair. Designed by BATTI. Manufactured by Brion Experimental.

BATTI, one of the most important young and upcoming designers in Argentina took the idea of the uterus as an icon and created this chair. Placentero is meant to hold people and give them the possibility to connect with themselves by allowing free movements and positions within the chair. The name comes from combining two words: Placenta + Pleasure = Placentero. Sinking into this innovative womb like chair feels great. It lets you stretch or curl up, while hugging and rocking you around. At times it felt tipsy, but that tipping point made me want to wiggle around in it even more after I was told that it would be impossible to tip over.

At ICFF: Placentero Lounge Chair by BATTI

Placentero has a very modern feel with a smooth, sleek fiberglass outer shell and soft tailored leather interior offered in a variety of color options. While rocking away, I thought of different spaces that could benefit from the sophisticated fun this unique, over sized and futuristic looking chair offers – lounges, break rooms, media rooms, bedrooms, playrooms for kids and grown-ups, or best of all outside on a grassy patch.

Placentero can be ordered as an outdoors version and has a matching footstool. Whether we leave this sculptural chair inside or take it outside, it's sure to make anybody who sits in it wiggle and giggle in style.

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