At ICFF: Wing Collection

All collections in the Richard Schultz outdoor furniture line have a powerful sculptural facet as they have been conceptualized in absolute coherence with contemporary yet artistic aesthetics. The art influenced furniture pieces rise above clich┬ęs and push the designs boundaries, which makes them stand out from the rest of the clique. The company exhibited a part of their collection at ICFF 2008 so we hope you had an opportunity to pay them a visit at booth no. 2004.

Wing Collection. Manufactured by Richard Schultz.

Aesthetically speaking, Schultz's designs may be modern, however their inspiration is steeped in the classic school of design. Dealing exclusively in outdoor furniture, Richard Schultz creations strive not only to withstand the wrath of Mother Nature but also the acid test of time.

The new Wing Collection recently displayed at ICFF is a modern reinterpretation to the almost nondescript Wing Chair. As many of you know, the traditional Wing chair is characterized by its large armrests projecting between the back and arms to protect against drafts. Schultz adheres to this basic principle but cunningly manages to give the collection its own unique twist.

At ICFF: Wing Collection

The breathable structure of the Wing Collection is intentional since it would allow enclosure and protection when used in a circular or rectangular grouping around a fire pit or table. Like all Richard Schultz creations, the Wing Collection also lays emphasis on "improvisation" and is powder coated, which makes it environmentally friendly. According to the company's website, all frames also go through a chemical wash, epoxy primer coat, curing, polyester topcoat, and re-curing.

With its bold lines, effervescent color palette and idiosyncratic form factor, the Wing Collection is a dynamic rendition of avant-garde sensibility meeting timeless designs. Its clear that with the Wing Collection, the company is not only redefining the outdoor space but also using it a medium to express their own design individuality.

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