At ICFF: dForm and their fabulous forms

Looking at the creations in the dForm booth at ICFF, all I can manage to think is who is behind these incredible pieces? I’m a sucker for innovative lighting designs, and these pieces are truly works of art. Working art might be more apt, as these pieces look as fabulous when not in use as they do when illuminated.

dForm at ICFF, 2008.

So who is the mad genius behind dForm? I’ve got the answer. The Brooklyn-based studio was founded in 2001 by James Dieter. Each and every light and screen is hand assembled out of flat materials. Yes, these curvaceous products all begin as flat die-cut wood veneer or plastic before being manipulated into the dynamic three dimensional forms we see as the final form. Downright sexy shapes from such potentially uninspiring elements. I’d say James must be one very creative designer to pull off this feat.

At ICFF: dForm and their fabulous forms

Origami Chair. Designed by James Dieter.

But James Dieter is no stranger to coaxing structure from flat surfaces. Does anyone recall his Origami Chair? It was a cool experiment in flat-pack furnishings. Designed to meet certain standards, his folding chair was actually transparent enough to see through, but strong enough to withstand the weight of an adult. It chair folds together from a single sheet of polycarbonate and polyester mesh. He’s got enough creativity to fuel several studios, in my opinion.

And while i love his history of work, it’s the sculptural wonders at this year’s ICFF that really blow me away. If you can’t quite see the relationship between the lighting and the chair, I should share that the careful observer sees his fascination with light. The screens and lighting forms are either backlit or frontlit. And that chair, the chair uses natural or man-made light to it’s advantage. The simple fact that it is transparent makes it a visual wonder. So dform strikes me as the blatant exploration of the designer’s fascination with how light and form can be played with and manipulated to create truly magnificent works of functional art. Beautiful.

At ICFF: dForm and their fabulous forms

Images courtesy of Core77.

I hope you were able to see these pieces at the ICFF show. If not, plan to add one to your home or office in the near future. I’ve already thought of multiple reasons why I “need” some of his pieces myself.

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