At Bklyn Designs: Standard41 Collection

Standard 41

may be “six generations and two years old,” however there is nothing archaic about their creations. Its quite clear that this family run company sees their own design heritage as something to be embraced and not thrown away for more "hip" trends. The father-son team of John and Andrew Raible will be showcasing a part of their collection at BKLYN DESIGNS so do pay them a visit.

Laptop Desk, office table. Designed by John Raible and Andrew Raible. Manufactured by Standard41.

Standard 41 dabbles in both home and office furniture and to me each piece exhibits the perfect amalgamation of the classic thought process with the irreverence of the new. Andrew Raible himself believes that all pieces in the 41-furniture line are “green reinterpretations of mid-century Scandinavian and American designs – with a sculptural twist.” Hence I cannot help but admire the company's proclivity for straddling divergent design trends and managing to handle the delicate interplay of style and ergonomics flawlessly.

Take for example the Laptop Desk by Standard 41, which heralds the veritable effort that the Raibles are making to carve their own niche. It's quite admirable that something as dreary as the daily grind is able to evoke this wayward yet chic office table. I for one would not mind being ‘chained to my desk’ if I had something like this at my disposable.

At Bklyn Designs: Standard41 Collection

The Laptop Desk is completely customizable and boasts of a 3-oil finish. Not only is it polished to perfection but also features a hidden shelf for power strip and transformers. Elegant, understated yet modern, the Laptop Desk encapsulates the unique vision of the Raibles.

For the Raible family reinvention is the key, as their furniture is an arresting juxtaposition of classic craftsmanship with a modern twist. Experimental yet constant, all pieces emanate a sense of warmth and are a throwback to a bygone era, where furniture was avant-garde without going completely over the top.

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