At Bklyn Designs: dViders

This week at BKLYN Designs you can check out dViders. This is a welcomed problem solver for those who have large spaces and need to separate the areas into distinct rooms. They also offer removable decals for walls, but not what you are thinking. These are hip, new, cool decals; able to be placed in just about any room. From kitchen to bedroom the decals are a beautiful addition to a barren wall.

dVider, room partitions.

The modular room partitions are functional and attractive. The screens are made out of bright white flame retardant sailcloth material, which can be decorated using the decals (stickers) or custom printing. This gives you complete choice over how you want your room dVider to look and gives you the option to match it’s appearance to an existing pattern or aesthetic. I can see these dViders being used in either a residential or professional setting. These dViders are quite remarkable. The partitions can easily be installed and ready for use without any extra tools than what you are given. A cool benefit is that the dVider screen has a nifty little storage bag, making it easily accessible and portable. How smart!

At Bklyn Designs: dViders

I have to say, my favorite are the stickers. They are so original and eye-catching. You are sure to get some praise from having these displayed on your walls, refrigerators, ceilings, well…just about anything you can stick ’em to. They come in a large selection of designs and colors; ranging from nature to holiday. You can change them with your shifting mood or maybe with the changing seasons. Forget texturizing your walls, decal ’em! It is easier and you know what they will look like in the end.

Who would have thought, dViders and stickers….making home interiors beautiful!

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