At Bklyn Designs: A Table with No Name

"You said you paid $55 dollars for this piece at an estate sale? Well, if this item were to come on the auction market today, I would say it would fetch somewhere in excess of . . . "

‘A Table with No Name,’ coffee table. Designed by Palo Samko.

I have no doubts that 100 years down the road, you will be featured as a truly exquisite find on the Antiques Roadshow. After all, you are undeniably a signature Palo Samko piece. With you being the muse to his playful yet intricate style of detailing; Palo has managed to create a one-of-a-kind work of art using wood as his medium. The elaborately detailed box that is suspended within you is terribly fascinating. But I became totally infatuated with you from the first moment I first discovered your concealed cylindrical drawer! (My inner child is still in overdrive imagining all of the small objects that could be stowed away within your secret hiding place).

At Bklyn Designs: A Table with No Name

What might not be obvious to all is that you are made from reclaimed cherry and white oak. Yes! You are as sustainable as you are comfortable in your own natural naked beauty. Granted, the Antiques Roadshow has yet to produce an episode featuring Sustainable Antiques (or Stark Naked Antiques for that matter), but perhaps a century from now the Roadshow appraisers will recognize environmentally friendly design as being "antique-worthy". Especially, when stepping outside of the local convention center only to be surrounded by a landscape replete with trees.

In a time when modern-day America seems set on using mass produced home furnishings as a means of filling their overbuilt McMansions – I find you to be a breath of fresh air. I love that, like Palo's signature birds that dance overhead, you are uniquely different and have a hand-made quality about you. Of course, there is one down side – I know I won't be bumping into you (literally) at any of my friend's "house-warming" parties.

At Bklyn Designs: A Table with No Name

So . . . with Palo hard at work on his next masterpiece: a wooden boy that comes to life, you are probably wondering exactly how much you would fetch if you were to go to auction? It's hard to say, but with today's inflation and a century's worth of patina – the final bid could be in excess of astronomical!

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