Safretti Gaya Fireplace

The quintessential fireplace is presented in a whole new light courtesy Safretti. Traditionally a fireplace invokes apparitions of togetherness and warmth since there is nothing cozier than a crackling fire on a cold, winter night. However since convention and design don't necessarily go hand in hand, we have various contemporary reinterpretation of the archetypal fireplace.

NEW Gaya fireplace. Designed by Roderick Vos. Manufactured by Safretti BV.

Safretti, who strives to design and produce elegant elements of high quality, is making a veritable effort with the Gaya Wall Mountable Fireplace. Gaya, which is designed by Roderick Vos is the perfect illustration of the escalating yearning of homeowners to coalesce the mechanics of everyday objects with style. A modern take on the Fireplace, the Gaya Fireplace will fit right in with metropolitan living spaces as it puts the chic in monarchical.

In terms of style the Gaya Fireplace reigns supreme and its clean lines radiate an almost sensuous ambiance that is reminiscent of the fire torches adorning Ancient Egyptian and Mughlai hallways. The torch-like flame contrasts with the black frame, which makes for arresting and amorphous imagery. However, while the fireplace may warm your soul with its exquisite design, don't expect it to warm your body since it's meant to be ornamental rather than a workhorse.

Safretti Gaya Fireplace

The Fireplace has a high quality stainless steel, deep black painted frame and uses bioalcohol. For the uninitiated, bioalcohol is alcohol obtained from biological sources and not from petroleum, and hence is more eco-friendly. In fact the amount of CO2 emission by the Gaya Fireplace is equivalent to two medium-sized candles as it burns only 7.1kW of heat per liter of fuel.

Safretti decorative fireplaces are very easy to hang up and the fire will function as a slight dampener because water is released when fuels that contain alcohol are combusted. Before the fireplace is lit, the fuel box must always be filled to 5 cm under the edge and to extinguish it one can just slide over the slit of the fuel box so that the fire goes out by itself.

To me, Safretti decorative fireplaces are nothing less than a multi-sensory experience. The fireplaces are a true sight to behold as they mesmerize the eyes with their stunning craftsmanship and design. The Gaya Fireplace is the epitome of sustainable design furniture and a testament to the Safretti vision.

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