At Salone: Aqua Jewels Collection

At Salone this year, one thing was quite apparent, shine is fine . The dramatic Swarovski Collection or even the Aqua Collection for Bonomo, signify a new trend where designers are not scared to show their affinity for precious elements while they are still manage to avoid falling into the world of ‘kitsch-trap.’ Purists may sneer at this trend by labeling the designs too baroque, but Luxury in Latin means indulging one’s senses. Admittedly at the end of the day, good design for many is meant to prompt a multi-sensory experience and the Aqua Collections strive to achieve this.

Aqua Jewels Collection. Designed by Marcel Wanders. Manufactured by Bonomi.

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders’ Aqua Jewels Collection for Italian manufacturers Bonomi exemplifies grandiosity and opulence. The luxury bathroom faucet made from brassware is characterized by its diamond cut, which in my opinion pays homage to the craft of construction. While some may be put off by the excess bling, I personally feel that the collection lends a natural and cascading aura to something as ubiquitous as a bathroom.

At Salone: Aqua Jewels Collection

The collection compromises of basin, bidet, bath faucets and shower fixtures, and the diamond inspired theme is a permanent fixture (pardon the pun). The collection shines with its technical and artistic polish and is available in two variations : plain polish and etched. With the Aqua Collection, Marcel Wanders brings to the forefront the friction and harmony between the minimalist and the ornate.

The fragmented surfaces make for a magnificent play of light and silhouette that further highlights the juxtaposition of materiality (brass ) and translucency (water). Very avant-garde, the Aqua Collection for Bonomi lays emphasis on the finer trimmings, which are sometimes overlooked in everyday spaces.

“The water cascades through the "Aqua Jewels" and uses your naked skin as its canvas, dusting you with dazzling droplets of liquid. A magical transformation begins and time stands still.”

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