Ascent by Mitab

Ascent by Mitab

More often than not, seating options for public spaces like lobbies and airport lounges can be staid and downright uncomfortable. Keeping that in mind, NYC-based multidisciplinary designer Brad Ascalon knew he wanted to create seating options that were the exact opposite and encouraged people to relax and stay awhile. The result is Ascent, a product he designed for Swedish furniture brand Mitab.


Mitab describes Ascent as a "modular beam sofa system" designed with a wooden base made of ash that incorporates electrical outlets and USB charging docks into each bench. The flat surfaces can also be used as tables or storage for personal belongings.


Because each seat is individually attached, seating configurations and color palettes can be adjusted to accommodate any hospitality environment. Ascent is available in two sizes with a maximum of three to four seats per unit.


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