Semigood Mailboxes

I remember growing up as a little girl with a neighbor renowned for his drinking and driving problem (often into our mailbox). For that reason, when replacing the mailbox at the Rivers household, it was always an issue and concern of durability. No mailbox replicas of our sky blue rambler or the Minnesota Loon got a second glance by Dad. Comparing metal to timber stakes was an all-consuming task.

TK 01 MAILBOX. Designed by Barbanc. Manufactured by Semigood Design.

Thank goodness Semigood Design‘s mailboxes – TK 01 Mailbox or A Semigood Mailbox – are new to the scene or Dad might have called for the first ever neighborhood intervention. But let’s be honest. He’d purchase a guardrail and install spotlights before disowning the “Minnesota nice“.

TK 01 Mailbox was designed by Seattle-based design build shop, Barbanc. Hand-crafted in Teak, Ipe, or Western Red Cedar and available with or without a lock; it’s their first consumer product. Each mailbox is made to order with sustainable wood from forests in the Midwest and Northeast regions of the United States.

Semigood Mailboxes

A SEMIGOOD MAILBOX. Designed and manufactured by Semigood Design.

The design of A Semigood Mailbox speaks for itself. Outfitted with what looks like a large solar panel, its positive, rectangular disposition represents its inherent sustainable qualities, standing tall and proud. Also made from FSC – certified wood, its guided shape without perpendicular angles is keen to smaller plots of land. It comes with either no post, a 27″ post, or a 36″ post.

How many mailboxes would a semi knock down if a Semigood semi-stood ground? Bite on that.

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