The Opposite of Bamboozled

The Opposite of Bamboozled

Make the leap to kitchen composting with the award-winning Bamboozle compost bin. Bamboozle is a nifty design-forward kitchen accessory that helps users reduce waste and build soil all for the modest little price tag of $40.

Compost bin in terra cotta shown outside full of veggie scraps

Winter 2023 winner of the Sustainable Design award for its concept and smart use of resources (it’s made of 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber), Bamboozled is also olfactory friendly: an odor-blocking filter attenuates off-gassing, thus allowing composting of potentially stinky contributions like coffee grounds, eggshells, and vegetable scraps.

Bamboozled in navy and white

Bamboozle reports that users are charmed by the handsome little bin with the convenient handle—its streamlined and intuitive aspect (and affordable price point) encourages even reluctant folks to do their small part to conserve resources.

Starter bundle with composter in navy

Options include five colors (Terra Cotta, Graphite, Saffron, Natural, and Navy) and the composting starter bundle shown above ($70), containing 12 months of charcoal filters, 50 biodegradable liner bags, and a sample of Kenkashi hemp kenaf natural microbes that speed up the composting process.

Bamboozle in black with fruit scraps and kitchen cutting board

Check out Bamboozle to find out more.

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