The Rotating Sphere Lounger

Call me prejudiced but whenever someone mentions garden furniture, I tend to think about my grandparents and their numerous outdoor tea sojourns. While there is nothing wrong with that family oriented imagery and I do love them to death, they are not what I call the epitome of trendy or contemporary.

Rotating Sphere Lounger. Designed and manufactured by Ornate Garden.

Fortunately I think I may just have found the right solution to cure me from this rather bizarre affliction! Meet the Rotating Sphere Lounger, which is round, eclectic and completely hip! The exorbitant price tag (£6,507.00) may put a dent in the purchasing plans of mere mortals like me but, as they say all good things come in expensive packages (or something to that effect).

The Rotating Sphere Lounger is the brainchild of Ornate Garden, which wants to ascertain itself as a highly exclusive purveyor of Outdoor Furniture. With this Lounger, Ornate Garden seeks to revolutionize the rather prosaic outdoor furniture scene and successfully manages to blend old money cachet with a healthy dose of hip.

The highlight of the Rotating Sphere Lounger is its rotating capabilities. So each time you park you derrière on it you are privy to a new view without even resorting to recreational drugs! The Lounger is made from pressure treated pine laminates, which form a circular diameter of approximately 2.4 meters. It is then mounted onto an angle iron ring, which has a series of roller bearings attached to it, permitting the sphere to rotate.


Ornate Garden has equipped the Lounger with polycarbonate windows that ensures protection from the wrath of Mother Nature. That in a non-dramatic-way means the Lounger is weatherproof and protects one from sun, shade and rain. One also comes across polished stainless louvers above and below the window, which help mirror the environment around it to provide a more sublime experience.

Since the art of lounging around is serious business, care has been taken by Ornate Garden to make the interiors plush and swanky. All loungers come with a full set of cushion pads, which can act as both seating and bedding area. To further accentuate the Sphere one can even purchase the optional canopy set. The canopy can be clipped to the sphere to make a full tent area for the entrance and also act as a veil if you don't want to disclose your private activities to the world.

The Rotating Sphere Lounger manages to break free from the predictable design norm and demonstrate interplay of panache and practicality. Personally I feel the Lounger can redefine any outdoors space since its completely distinctive from the plethora of gazebos that one usually comes across.

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