Little Drummer Girl

Sometimes a trend sneaks up on you. By the time you notice its pervasiveness it is all around you.

In glossy publications like Architectural Digest and even at your local mass retailer (a sure sign of overexposure). Recently the object in question is the ceramic garden stool. Once reserved for Asian inspired interiors and Japanese gardens, this versatile item is popping up everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Granted, the object itself is not new. Nor is its use in well-designed homes. But over the past year its popularity has soared to such a degree that it has become hard to open a magazine without noticing one tucked into the frame.

Designers continue to find endless uses for ceramic stools in such spaces as residences and hotels.

If you're a trend watcher, you've no doubt noticed chinoiserie filtering down from luxe hotels to your neighbor's dining room. As nouveau Asian works its way through the trade publications and high-end design firms it was only a matter of time before these iconic ceramic drums made their appearance in the mass market. And as we are wont to do, modern designers are adding a fresh spin on the iconic form. Classic white stools can still be seen serving as tables, ottomans and extra seating. But my favorite iteration is the mirrored variety making appearances in sleek hotel lounges and posh shops where it is left to the guest to decide whether to rest upon it or place a drink on its glistening surface.


Silver Shine Garden Stool. Manufactured by Legend of Asia.

But how much is enough? In my mind once you can buy an item for less than $75 at Target we can rest assured it's made the transition from hot to not. But hipster Decorno poses the question: Are we over garden stools? Here's her verdict...

"I'm not. And I need to tuck 2 under a small console table because when ever we have extended family over, we never have enough seating forth birthdays, etc...

Thoughts? Love? Hate? Overdone? Still fab?

At that price, even if I make a mistake I can park them in the backyard, their natural habitat, I suppose."

Style and versatility. Isn't that what all good objects offer us? So once you're done using your oh-so-chic metallic drum as seating and end tables, send it outside to the garden where it can take on a new life as a garden accessory. Or if you're a real trendsetter, keep it front and center in your living space as an homage to its infinite usefulness and eternally chic design. After all, this nouveau Asian movement appears to have legs and might just be here for a while. It might be wise to take a seat and enjoy the show with your feet propped up in style. That's what I plan to do with mine.

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