Big Ass Fans

Yesterday I was at IKEA in Paramus, New Jersey looking for items for my kitchen (I promise I wasn’t furniture shopping... I only do that on Designer Pages). Anyways, I was thrilled to see a Big Ass Fan hanging from the ceiling. 

Yes, that’s the name of an architectural product to help you move air, not a reference to your favorite Shrek character.

“The award for Best Industrial Ceiling Fan in a Commercial or Retail Setting goes to…the beautiful Big Ass Fan, whose size alone is guaranteed to have stopping power. That is, the power to stop your worrying about energy bills. Whether the mercury is bubbling over or frozen stiff, Big Ass Fans oversized airfoils create a current of air in all directions that’s a real crowd pleaser. Better yet, the gentle, efficient breeze won’t disrupt patrons or waste energy. In fact, this classically trained performer can act with A/C and heat alike to bring the house (and your energy bills) down.”

Big Ass Fan Large

PowerfoilPlus, twenty-four foot diameter. Manufactured by Big Ass Fans.

Big Ass Fans can be used for a variety of applications, such as commercial and retail spaces, warehouse and distribution centers, institution and government projects, athletic stadiums, and more.

My history teacher for western civilization had a very wise saying. In the context of the Napoleonic Wars, he explained, "size isn't everything, but it helps." With a stroke of humor, I think this same phrase might apply to Big Ass Fans. If you're looking for help moving air within an oversized structure, this is probably the most innovative and cost-effective solution. With twenty-five times more airflow than a standard industrial ceiling fan, this product blows its competition away. Learn more at Big Ass Fans.

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