Home by Studio APG for Cielo

Home by Studio APG for Cielo

Italian brand Cielo have launched HOME – a new collection of ceramic and wood bathroom fittings and furniture designed by Studio APG.

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Made in Italy, the HOME collection includes the Cibele bathtub, the Tiberino freestanding washbasin cabinet and a line of mirrors.

Made of a high-performance resin called LivingTec, the visually striking Cibele bathtub contrasts soft, enveloping forms with warm rustic wood. The design can be customized with external coverings in smooth or slatted wood in a lacquered version or in an oak with natural, bleached or stained finish.

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Tiberino is a sophisticated freestanding cabinet that deftly merges practicality and style in a small footprint. With minimalist flair, it stands out for its geometric shape and its original round ceramic top on which an elegant basin sits; both are available in Cielo’s new Terre di CIELO finishes. Made in wood, with convenient inside shelves, the Tiberino can be lacquered in all Terre di CIELO finishes. The handle is a thin, full-height section that becomes a decorative element. Color combinations can be contrasting or tone-on-tone, making this unique design easy to customize.

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The cabinet is joined by a line of lightweight mirrors made up of four distinctive designs: Argo, a telescopic ceiling-mounted version; Pluto, a round tilt-and-turn wall-mounted version; Polifemo, a rectangular version with round, magnifying, tilt-and-turn side mirrors and Narciso, round mirror with a passerby base that rests on the tub. Materials used include glass and metal in chrome finishes, polished brass, painted black, or painted with Terre di CIELO finishes.

For more information contact www.ceramicacielo.com

About the manufacturer: Based in the Civita Castellana district of Italy – a region with a strong history of ceramic  production - Cielo is a manufacturer of contemporary bathroom products including sanitary fittings, washbasins, shower trays, bathtubs and urinals. Combining handmade techniques with cutting edge technology, Cielo partners with leading international designers, such as Marco Piva, 5.5 Designers, Karim Rashid and Claudio Silvestrin, to create award-winning products made from high quality materials.

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