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Seek by Allsteel at IIDEX 2010

Enough with all this Gold nonsense... How about a sentence or two of praise for some of the under-represented runner-ups at IIDEX’s 2010 Innovation... Full Story

Look Twice at Jaime Hayon’s Bardot Collection

According to Bernhardt Design president Jerry Helling, Jaime Hayon’s new Bardot Collection of soft seating inspires conflicting emotions: “Initially... Full Story

dna: Teknion’s Blueprint for Collaborative Options in the Office

Manufacturer Teknion is looking to the future of the office (which is actually the here and now). Theorizing a better use for the historically... Full Story

Retrovirus: Deliriously Decadent Seating

How does one quantify Onur Müştak Çobanlı’s Retrovirus two seater? Designer Çobanlı, of OMC Design, describes it as “a fun two-seater sofa... Full Story

At #NeoCon10: Are You On Time? Sedia Systems Is

With a client list that includes academic powerhouses Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Emory, and DePaul, Chicago and High Point, NC-based contract furniture... Full Story

Get Back to Nature with Will Oltman’s Live Seating

No doubt you've heard of "living roofs," those high-rise mini eco-systems that facilitate an attractive expanse of groundcover as a building's capstone rather... Full Story

Raphaël Hoesli’s O-Thirteen: Crash Landing Soon in a Field Near You

The easy joke about Raphaël Hoesli’s O-Thirteen aluminum seating concept is that he brainstormed the idea one October morning a couple of months back... Full Story

Tomek Rygalik Presents Termo

The career of Lodz-born designer Tomek Rygalik is an excellent blueprint for the burgeoning emergence of the former Communist Bloc countries into the world... Full Story

Suitcase Chair by Katie Thompson

South African designer Katie Thompson is a woman after my own heart. I was taken with her the moment I read her website’s anonymous epigram: “It is... Full Story

Oss 240 by Dune Contract

Since I happen to be an itinerant of sorts this year (in the past three months I’ve lived in Colorado, Upstate New York, and South Miami), I’ve taken a... Full Story


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