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Luxury Bathtubs by Tyrrell and Laing

We seem to have had a run of luxury tubs at 3rings of late. Last week we were graced with the resplendent allure of William and Holland’s collection of copper and brass baths. We’re starting off this week with a continuation of the theme: Tyrell and Laing’s line of large and lovely tubs evoke the timeless allure of natural stone, yet the material that makes these sensual and curvaceous tubs is decidedly modern.

Petit. Manufactured by Tyrrell and Laing.

Tyrrell and Laing Makes Bathtubs for the Pragmatic Hedonist

Imperia Tub. Manufactured by Tyrrell and Laing.

Isis. Manufactured by Tyrrell and Laing.

To look at each and every of the tubs in Tyrell and Laing’s latest line, one would think they were constructed of solid stone, such is their beauty and bulk. In fact, the luxury tubs are not made of pure stone but rather a natural composite—“ a hard wearing smooth composite stone material with the appearance of natural stone without the drawback of excess weight.”

Imperia Tub. Manufactured by Tyrrell and Laing.

Eco Freestanding. Manufactured by Tyrrell and Laing.

The difference is no small shakes as T and L’s luxury tubs look and feel like stone but are less expensive, less extractive, and, of course, lighter and thus easier to install (or move, should that unpleasantness become inevitable).

Imperia Tub. Manufactured by Tyrrell and Laing.

Imperia. Manufactured by Tyrrell and Laing.

The line includes six models, each available in different colors and each possessed of their own special allure. The flagship of the bunch is the Imperia, a massive number in a range of colors and your choice of a matte or polished finish. Other models include the versatile Oceanus, the single-serve Petit, and the earth-friendly Eco, all of which evince a comfortable synergy between utility and indulgence: “warm and sensual to the touch and non-slip—our luxury baths are extremely comfortable to enhance your bathing experience. They are also easy to keep clean and come in a range of colors with a matte or polished finish.”

About the Manufacturer: Tyrrell and Laing has stateside roots and an international reputation. Based out of Tampa, the company manufactures all their products in the good old U.S.A—a rare feat in this hostile economy. Known the world over for their line of exquisite luxury tubs, Tyrrell and Laing’s products are featured in world-famous hotels like the Four Seasons in Denver, the Biltmore Providence in Rhode Island, The Lodge in Verbier, Switzerland, and the Grange Hotel in London.
Posted July 11th, 2011 by Joseph Starr


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