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Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps

Flying saucers, other-planetary existence, and great balls of fire have fascinated human beings since the beginning of time. Why not hang your very own wonderment above the dining room table for your daily dose of thrilling content? In this week's Top Ten list here at Designer Pages, we've selected ten of the best Orbiting Pendant Lamps that satisfy our curiosity of enlightenment (at least until the main event takes place someday).

Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps

Bring Pendant Lamps in Round, Glowing Shapes of all Sizes into Hang Time Position to Satisfy Your Interplanetary Curiosity

1. Onion
DESIGNER: Bang Design
PRICE: $1,117
Dimensions: 83.8"H x 29.5"W

It's name says it all, but Bang Design developed the veneer strips of the Onion Pendant lamp in more colors than the usual onion shades of purple, green, and white that hang out in the produce department. Global Lighting's line-up of colors list American White, Beech, Cheery, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, or Yellow as the natural, earthy, and bright shades of this particular pendant.

Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps

2. TetraBox Spherical
DESIGNER: Edward Chew
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 10" dia.

Made from discarded and recycled packet drink boxes "that are popular with Malaysians," says designer Edward Chew, the TetraBox Spherical Lamp uses folded shapes as the building blocks in an origami structure based on geodesic dome construction.

Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps

3. Cabildo
PRICE: $460
Dimensions: 16.1"W x 9.1"D

Using a thermoplastic with aluminum, steel, and glass, the Cabildo pendant brings indirect light into a space with its illuminated ring that appears to be a ring of Saturn. It features a die-cast aluminum body in a painted white finish and has a reflector and lamp concealed within its curved shape.

Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps

4. Chrome Leaf and Crystal
PRICE: $600
Dimensions: 13.5"W x 14"H

In a modern yet ornate finish, this Chrome Leaf and Crystal pendant chandelier offer a glamorous solution in a lattice-finished chrome frame that illuminates using six 40-watt halogen G9 bulbs that appear to be slendar candelabras hidden within.

Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps

5. Cage
PRICE: $1,076
Dimensions: 17.97" W x 17.97" D

Inspired by the lamps of mine workers, this design of the Cage Pendant Lamp of the Successful Living line by Diesel and Foscarini protects the bulb with a metal cage that acts as a decorative element in a variety of colors. As the smallest member of the Cage family, Diesel says the Cage Pendant is well-suited for intimate corners or creating interesting compositions with their edgy aesthetic.

Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps

6. Itka
DESIGNER: Naoto Fukasawa
PRICE: $840- 1,060
Dimensions: 4-1/3" H x 13-3/4" to 19-3/4" D

Designed by the legendary Naoto Fukasawa, the Itka Pendant Light, is a suspended lighting fixture in opaline glazed frosted glass shade with structure in metal painted white. It's simple form comes in a small or large size and hangs elegantly in the dining room or living room.

Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps

7. Mini Mikado
DESIGNER: Miguel Herranz
PRICE: $1,404
Dimensions: 94.4"H x 27.6"W

Composed of two die-cut sheets of wood veneer, this sun-bursting display of feathery wood by Miguel Herranz is known as Mikado, by Global Lighting. Playing with light in an almost interplanetary way, you can opt to finish the design in a variety of colors to match or contrast with the surround scheme for a unique effect.

Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps

8. Saucer
DESIGNER: George Nelson
PRICE: $269- 1,395
Dimensions: 7"H x 17.5"W, 10”H x 25”W, 14”H x 35”W or 22”H x 50”W

Famously created by George Nelson for Modernica, the Saucer Hanging Bubble Lamp is constructed out of a plastic-coated steel wire-frame. The first design of this lamp came out in 1947, and since then, the popularity of this quintessential modern lighting fixture has held its own in the world of illumination around the globe.

Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps

9. Cascade
PRICE: $576
Dimensions: 32"H x 16"Diameter

Drawing on nature, dreams, culture, and fashion, the Cascade Pendant Light soothes the soul with a bit of glowing drama. Handmade using ivory organza petals that are strung together, this fixture becomes the centerpiece of not only your room, but of cascading conversations as well.

Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps

10. Terra
DESIGNER: Jeremy Pyles
PRICE: $995
Dimensions: 13"W x 11"H

Described as "ripe and round", the Terra by Jeremy Pyle for Niche Modern contains four lightbulbs that use the shaded glass around it to change the mood in the space it occupies. Recommended for use with a dimmer, this pendant lamp is said to draw in the symbology of all four elements - earth, water, wind and fire.

Top Ten: Orbiting Pendant Lamps
Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten Orbiting Pendant Lamps!

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Posted June 15th, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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