Recycled Pulp Lamps by Enrique Romero de la Llana

Inflatable molds using recycled newspapers and paste make the Pulp Lamps by Enrique Romero de la Llana an example of re-purposing newspaper pulp. Although not in the same form as a Blu Dot‘s brand new rug they call Last Newspaper, the idea that day-to-day materials can become beautiful works of art is priceless. For Enrique Romero de la Llana, it’s also especially artistic since no two Pulp Lamps are created the same.

Pulp Lamp. Designed by Enrique Romero de la Llana.

The Massive, Recycled Newspaper Lamp Shades Make Up the Pulp Lamps by Enrique Romero de la Llana.

The molds (not seen in the final product) are “what gives the possibility of deforming them for doing of each piece a unique piece” says Romero de la Llana of their individuality. Some are large and bulbous while others spread their reach wide. Using the notion that the world must grow more eco-friendly in the long run, designers take on the task of jump-starting the way we see recycling so that it can be a high-end, gorgeous solution for more than just a lighting issue.

Pulp Lamp. Designed by Enrique Romero de la Llana.

As Trendhunter stated in their take of the lighting design: “The Pulp Lamp shows us that everyday items like light fixtures can still look good while serving a bigger purpose other than adding to the decor or illuminating spaces.” Group them in trios or quintets for a larger-scale organic presence in a living room, or keep a large one by itself for a playful look (though sticking your head into it when on is NOT recommended!). Available in a range of shapes and sizes, the lamps are destined for pendant use and employ colorful cords alongside their natural-colored shades. Check out this video of the Pulp Lamps for an extra insight into the design.

Pulp Lamp. Designed by Enrique Romero de la Llana.

Unconventional beauty through subtle interior design additions, like the recycled newspaper Pulp Lamp, breathe new life into manufactured environments. With designer Enrique Romero de la Llana creating each by hand using inflatable molds, his example of eco-friendly lighting may beckon more high quality solutions using low-impact processes.

About the Designer: Enrique Romero de le Llana is a vibrant multi-disciplinary product designer from Madrid, Spain. His education spans a wide range of programs and countries, with spoken languages totaling five (of varying fluency). Besides his experience in designing lighting and products, Romero de la Llana has also worked in publishing and marketing for a firm that utilized his graphic design skills. 

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