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Sanindusa’s Wc Care Shower Enclosures

Having just returned from a four-day Thanksgiving vacation subsidized—nay, wholly financed—by certain financially sound members of the extended family, I can certainly see how one becomes accustomed to a luxurious touch or two. And by this I don’t mean anything too extravagant, but it’s definitely nice to step into a glass-walled shower enclosure with functional features and an appealing aesthetic. Portugal-based manufacturer Sanindusa knows a thing or two about exactly that. The company professes a customer-oriented philosophy, developing products “to our customer’s needs” and “implementing innovative and quality solutions.” The Wc Care line of shower doors goes beyond the usual interpretations of this objective to offer enhanced features for people with limited mobility.

Wc Care Shower Doors. Designed by Sanindusa.

Highly Adjustable Glass Shower Walls

The Wc Care line certainly looks like it belongs in a designer’s showroom—crystal clear glass and chrome accents give it a contemporary look that’s easy to integrate into existing décor, but beyond this fetching façade hides a bevy of perks that make it an excellent choice for those with limited mobility. The doors sport a dual hinge feature that makes it easy to fold all the panels either inside or out. The shower walls are hinged horizontally as well as vertically—they essentially break at waist height, just like the classic barn/stable door. The upshot is that all four glass walls can fold back or forward—whichever way might be required to get the panels out of the way given the exigencies of the moment. The door handle also sports a nifty telescoping construction that lets you temporarily disassemble it to allow passage of the doors. In sum, Sanindusa’s Wc Care line is attractive and intelligent—a solutions-oriented approach that sacrifices nothing in the way of aesthetic appeal.

Sanindusa's Wc Care Shower Enclosures
Sanindusa's Wc Care Shower Enclosures
Posted November 29th, 2010 by Joseph Starr

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