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Goccia Kitchen Faucet by Gessi

Before I entered the brave new world of A&D, I spent much of my time at the bar—most of it, unfortunately, on the business side, doling out imbibements rather than imbibing them. The job had its difficulties of course, but the discipline of bartending comes with a handful of perks one grows quite fond of, ease and rapidity of beverage procurement topping the list. There’s a convenience to the mechanized methods of restaurant-based food and drink delivery that’s rarely matched in private homes. At least, that is, until Gessi announced the Goccia Kitchen Faucet.


Tap Into Convenience

One look at this ultra-thin and gracefully arching premium faucet and you’ll appreciate its name. Goccia is Italian for “drop,” which is exactly what the tip of this tap portends. The terminus of the faucet is shaped exactly like the impending plash of a delicate water bead—just the image to suggest the anticipatory beauty of pure H20, as it resolves itself into the steady stream we like to see escaping from our faucets. But Goccia is more than just a stylish and self-referential symbol, because the mixer and basin form (or emerge from) the end of a long table, where the lovely faucet awaits the busy work of filling everyone’s water glasses on cue. If only Goccia could do the same but with wine...

Goccia Kitchen Faucet by Gessi
Goccia Kitchen Faucet by Gessi

The hybrid sink/faucet/table emerged from designer Prospero Result’s increasing appreciation for hybrid spaces and unconventional solutions. Gessi characterizes Goccia as an “ambitious concept [that] looks to bring water into the living room... this fresh thinking is inspired by an apparent gradual shift toward a more hybrid role for certain rooms in the home.” Clearly Goccia won’t replace the kitchen faucet (or the kitchen sink) anytime soon, but it does add an extra bit of ease to the often daunting concept of thirsty quests. Though this might mean you no longer have an excuse if your invitees become dehydrated, I, for one, think it’s an excellent choice. It adds an elegant, unexpected, and highly functional twist to the concept of the sink, not to mention some tasty eye candy to take the edge off the oft-empty ends at the furthest reaches of the dining table.

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Posted November 26th, 2010 by Joseph Starr

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