Gessi’s Aerodynamic Ariel Faucet

I don’t know if the new Ariel ensemble by manufacturer Gessi intends to provide us with water or photo-surveillance, but either way, I like it. The company is known for the contemporary edge of its collection of products for cucina and bagno, like the smooth, sexy, and sensuous Mimi Collection; or the strange stylistics of the enticing Rettangulo LED colored faucets; or the hybrid tour de force of the Goccia Integrated faucet. The company’s latest contribution—a super-slim and geometrical mélange in chrome or brushed steel—goes straight where Mimi went curvy, vertical where Rettangulo went horizontal, and multi-functional where Goccia went for big, bold, and single minded.

Ariel. Designed by Gessi.

A Distinctive Aesthetic and Space-Saving Design

The essence of the latter is its arching goose neck of a faucet, a look that’s contrapuntal to Ariel’s sleek lines, whose assorted thinness cannot be overstated. In fact, the defining shape of Ariel’s three-hole mixer, swiveling pull-out sprayer, and activating lever is a long rectangle. The faucet is formed of a pair of like rectangles set parallel and perpendicular to each other, such that they reveal a broad swath of negative space between; the blocky rectangle of the sprayer sits atop a somewhat thinner rectangular shaft; and the on/off lever flirts some with the rectangle’s cousin, its horizontal functionary branching off in a lean rectangle from its squarish base.

The trio—together with Ariel’s standalone mono-block mixer with integrated on/off lever—create a new paradigmatic look for the kitchen sink. Ultra functional, ultra futuresque, and ever mindful of space constraints, Ariel reminds us of what it’s possible to achieve when we think outside the box (and into the long, thin rectangle).

Via Trendir.

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