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Get Blown Away by Newind: The Storage Unit by Acerbis

When On Demand entertainment goes Italian, the company Acerbis takes it to a whole new level. In their new storage unit design Newind, by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, they've updated the bookcase, the media center, and your wall unit shelves in one swoop, or as they'd like to say, "containing without visibly reducing domestic spaces."

Newind. Designed by Acerbis.

During daylight hours, open the Newind up to reveal your personal book collection or hand-painted Russian nesting dolls. Once evening falls and the dishes are done, slide your Newind shelving over and create your media center with a seamless display of pure screen for your latest Netflix or favorite television show. You'll see no cords and no chaotic mess of VCR/DVD/CD player systems - just high-tech simplicity in action thanks to the empty space behind the panels, and upon request, wiring apertures and a central technical case with a multi-plug connection box (that houses power sockets, TV, and a phone connector).

Although this notion is no "new concept", the sleek, sliding door that hides your television set (it fits 40" - 55" screens) does more than just open and close, it also allows the flat screen TV panel to slide along with the door. This option opens up the rear shelves when needed. The screen can turn sideways too for better viewing pleasure.

The Newind can include the ground level components of the New Concepts collection that includes a base, ground sideboard, and ground case. The main structure itself is matte lacquered and modular, made from full-height structural wall-panels, tapered profile shelves, and a large overhanging shelf. As Acerbis notes, "flexibility is granted by adding side modular elements to the heart unit" in order to completely customize the Newind to your home.

A clever play on words intermixing languages for our 21st century world, the name Newind serves as a tribute to the company's 1986 wall-system, Soffio di Vento (“gentle breeze”).
Posted October 14th, 2010 by Sonja Hall

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