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Magnetic Curtain

Thanks to Chelsea Holden Baker at Frog Design, we here at 3rings have been introduced to Florian Kräutli's Magnetic Curtain. Swiss designer Kräutli, who is currently studying in the Netherlands (the design center of almost everything these days: check out Love you Love you not Chandelier, Pile of Suitcases, and Tennis Ball Furniture to start), wanted a curtain he could shape into any form.

Magnetic Curtain. Designed by Florian Kräutli. Manufactured by Droog Design.

Given the remarkably attractive qualities—both literal and figurative—of magnets, Kräutli focused on them to create his Magnetic Curtain. Though it is not in production yet, the Magnetic Curtain will be available through Droog Design—quite perfectly headquartered in Amsterdam. The Magnetic Curtain can be pushed and pulled, scrunched and elongated, manupilated to your heart's desire into open and closed arrangements, as well as everything in between. Sunlight too intense in one particular area? Just use the magnets to cover that blinding ray and open the rest of the window to allow the more pleasurable light to shine in. Yes, it certainly has a practical component.

But what's more interesting, I would argue, about the Magnetic Curtain is its sculptural possibilities. In front of a window, as a room divider or wall installation, the Magnetic Curtain becomes a playground of innovation and form. Those dull Friday afternoons and sleepy Monday mornings can be made much more interesting via a few moments with the Magnetic Curtain. Block out that pesky officemate's desk or highlight that attractive underling's face. Plus, there's just something amazingly childlike about playing with magnets; I'd put them in the same category as bubble wrap for entertainment value, though high above the stick, which was just inaugurated into the Toy Hall of Fame for its affordability and versatility. Once Droog produces Kräutli's Magnetic Curtain, the product is sure to sly off the shelves—with a little ingenuity, it can be formed into a paper airplane shape.

Posted November 17th, 2008 by Alicita Rodriguez


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