“Stella! Stella!”

“Stella! Stella!”

Entirely in contrast to Stanley Kowalski’s tortured rant in Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire, Hightower’s new Stella Chair is joyful and ebullient—it may, however, like Marlon Brando, embody a touch of the theatrical.

Hightower Stella Chair pink front view on white background

The innovative wide-back design is owed to the magisterial touch of design duo Busk + Hertzog. Known for seating designs that accommodate our tendency to shift and squirm around, Busk + Hertzog composed Stella’s back in a large and languorous curve—“offering support from any angle, while also providing an option of armrests.”

Hightower Stella Chair angled view of front pink white background

The Stella Chair also offers an arresting aesthetic. With a single connection point between seat and back, it's airy and welcoming; the back appears to beckon to the user in an arms-wide gesture resembling a hearty hug.

Hightower Stella Chair two chairs angled view of front and angled view of back both pink white background

The simple, slim powder coated base reinforces the light look.

Hightower Stella Chair single chair side view pink on white background

Stella is a versatile piece that works in various venues. I’d be happy to inhabit its environs with book or laptop in hand or to perch on its spacious seat’s edge, engaged in spirited conversation.

Hightower Stella Chair angled view of front pink white background

Take a look at Hightower to read more about Stella and browse an extensive list of pre-approved upholstery fabrics from many different manufacturers. And see Designer Pages Media for more Hightower seating.

Posted October 29, 2019 by Joseph Starr

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