WĒV by Barbican takes NeoCon Gold

Barbican’s new WĒV collection is off to a stunning debut with a recent Gold win at NeoCon in the Decorative Lighting Category. Not a light so much as a revolutionary concept in commercial lighting, WĒV is a vivacious and versatile solution to architectural lighting challenges. The collection is comprised of washable, woven fiberglass fixtures that can take on myriad shapes and sizes. The “Icicle” pendant pictured beneath is a salient example. This single-unit lightpiece can be formed and fashioned into a variety of configurations. It’s “a high output fixture able to provide enough light to be the primary source in a space in its classic white form,” but can also be linked via Barbican’s custom connectors to create clusters or different lengths. WĒV is illuminated via a six-sided extrusion. In addition to Icicle, a variety of unique styles and shapes are available. Contact Barbican to find out more.
Posted July 5, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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