Designer Profile: Lorenza Bozzoli

Milan-based Lorenza Bozzoli began her career as a freelance fashion designer—and the evidence of that is everywhere in her furniture, which often takes inspiration from rich textiles and opulent jewelry. Her Juuyo pendant lamps, for example, play with the shapes and prints of geisha culture. 1. Juuyo for Moooi Velvet and fringe are two things Bozzoli loves, and the Amami Sofa brings them together in splendorous style with “heart-warming velvet softly floating on long sensuous fringes.” 2. Amamai Sofa for Moooi Bozzoli recently returned to fringe with her Couture Poufs. Like resplendent Art Deco jewels, the Couture Poufs are saturated in “violets and oranges, pinks, greens and blues.” The vertical banding of the fringe, arranged in “tribal geometries,” adds to the decorative effect. 3. Couture Poufs by Lorenza Bozzoli Design Bozzoli also gravitates toward larger, more dramatic geometric forms, as with Brixx, a line of fully upholstered indoor/outdoor furniture that can be put together in playful compositions. 4. Brixx for Dedon The designer’s love of glamor and all things shiny is perhaps most evident in her lighting creations. La Lollo places techno-polymer cylinders “in varying shades of contemporary prismatic metallization” around a central illuminated ring. 5. La Lollo for Slamp But Bozzoli is not easy to categorize. She likes to take unexpected detours like Cucun, which features a simple form on a large scale. The indoor/outdoor lamp is constructed of rotational polyethylene “mixed with special glass fibers that enhance the shape.” Note how the ribs recall Bozzoli’s fashion roots. 6. Cucun for Slide For more information, visit Lorenza Bozzoli.
Posted July 6, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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