Q6 Ottomans by Davis Furniture

A perfect place to rest, lounge, read, or wait, Q6 Ottomans by Davis Furniture are part of a larger lounge collection designed for collaborative work—but they make excellent pieces for hospitality venues. Offering color in bright pops or subtle shades, Q6 Ottomans look a little like baubles or candies. In round and lozenge shapes, they liven up spaces while also offering practical perches—for people or pamphlets or puff pastries. Designed by Jonathan Prestwich based on his earlier Q5 series, Q6 Ottomans can be used as seating or surfaces, making them versatile in lounges, lobbies, or guest rooms. In clusters, they take on a different life, seeming to bloom from the floor like flowers. Q6 can be combined to make nearly endless configurations, inviting everyone to take a seat or start a conversation. For more information, visit www.davisfurniture.com.
Posted April 2, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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