DVO’s DV909-TOKIO Table

DVO’s DV909-TOKIO table is a streamlined, no-frills affair with a modern aesthetic and long, clean, visually arresting lines. It features a folding worktop that is a mere 4 cm thick. Designer Antonio Morello created the piece for executives of discerning tastes: “every single detail is designed to enhance the architectural structure of a table with a strong aesthetic impact.” DV909 is a metal table finished in fenix laminate. Available in black or white, fenix is an opaque surface with a pleasing texture. It’s antibacterial and water repellent. Additionally, the low-reflectivity, anti-smudge surface reduces annoying glare and unsightly fingerprints. It’s also easy to clean. DV909 is available in square and rectangular worktops with or without integrated conduits for infrastructure. To find out more see DVO.
Posted February 15, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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