Tattoo You: DVO’s Ultralight 06 – Second Skin

Tattoo You: DVO’s Ultralight 06 – Second Skin

You’ve heard of custom upholstery and a custom powder-coat finish, but how about a custom-engraved chair, with a unique design veritably tattooed onto the chair’s back?

DVO's Tatto Chair detail of back with Western style design on wood laminate

That’s the conceit of DVO’s Tattoo Chair, part of the company’s Marte collection and also known as the “Ultralight 06 – Second Skin.”

DVO's Tattoo Chair in black laminate with diamond criss-cross pattern on back

The design is a simple, lightweight, multipurpose chair available with a variety of bases. Users may provide custom patterns to be engraved into the seat back, with materials in wood, polypropylene, or fabric.

DVO's Tattoo Chair close-up of back of chair pictured above

The chair’s custom option intends to expand the connection between people and their objects. Much as a tattoo is a profound expression of identity, so too is this artful manipulation: “Creating a further intimate dialogue between one’s self and the object releases a new communication, accentuating the harmony of the connection.”

DVO's Tattoo Chair detail of intricate design with Georgia O'Keefe type geometric figures on wood

See DVO for further details.

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